The supply chain


We pay meticulous attention to the production phases carried out outside the factory.

Our suppliers are required the same high quality standards as those applying to the internal processes. We have built up a long-term relationship with suppliers based on cooperation and trust.

For each tie the selected fabric, interlining, tipping and cover must be in line with the quality of our products.

Our main suppliers – listed below – are based in the Como area and provide totally authentic made-in-Italy products, as we do.

Lavorazione Cravatte di Schiavi Sandro and some other partners specialised in handmade finishing (manufacture)

Tessitura Bottinelli, Elvis tessuti, Tessitura Luigi Veronelli and other textile factory located in the province of Como(fabrics)

Novatex, Tessitura Albeni, Cometti (interlining and tipping)

Nastri Adesivi Lariani (protective covers and packaging)

Schiavi Cravatte 
Alzate Brianza (Como) Italy