Our philosophy



The experience and expertise of staff ensure the finest quality of our products.

All our staff has been trained in the factory and has been working for years. Working relations are therefore based on trust and cooperation and a family atmosphere is encouraged at the workplace.

Flexibility is essential both for the firm’s production requirements and for the staff, since our team is mainly made up of women with family responsibilities.

Our employees promptly receive a fair salary. We strictly comply with security and welfare regulations and moreover, other measures are also taken to create a more pleasant and enjoyable working environment which positively influences job and production quality.


The Suppliers are our partners.

Our enduring relationship is based on a correct and professional approach both concerning orders and payments. This ensures high quality standards.


Customers can enjoy top-quality made-in-Italy products at competitive prices. We also do our utmost to meet their requests both in terms of time and specification.

We are available to discuss any particular preferences or needs and to provide tailored solutions to both long-standing and new customers.


Our business has a negligible impact on the environment, but every action counts. That’s why the protective cover we use is made of eco-friendly material. 

Schiavi Cravatte 
Alzate Brianza (Como) Italy      
E-mail: info@schiavicravatte.com